Covid-19 Safety Plan

When picking up or dropping off clients:

1a) When approaching client(s): driver to maintain 6’ personal distance as much as possible prior to client getting into vehicle. Driver to ask the following questions:

  1. Have you had Covid-19 symptoms in the last 10 days (fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscles aches or headache)?
  2. Have you been directed by Public Health to self-isolate?
  3. Are you arriving from outside of Canada or have you had contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case? If so, then you must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.

1b) Handling of luggage: Driver to load and unload luggage wearing supplied gloves.

1c) Driver to assist client(s) getting in or out of the vehicle only if necessary.

2: In Vehicles:

Since it is impossible to maintain 6’ distance from passengers in the van a barrier has been installed between the front seats and the centre row of seats. A maximum of 2 passengers per 3 seat row two and row three for a total of 4 passengers per trip unless there are up to 7 passengers in a family group. Only one client group per trip (unless agreed upon by all parties).

2a) Physical barrier has been installed separating the driver’s compartment from the passenger’s compartment.

2b) Driver to use supplied cleaning supplies to wipe down the driver’s compartment (steering wheel, gear lever, and all surfaces) following each trip.

2c) Driver to use supplied cleaning supplies to wipe down all areas in the passenger compartment following each trip. The wipe down will include all hard surfaces, seatbelts, door handles, grab handles and anything that the client may have touched.

2d) Driver to use specific cleaning solution and wiper cloth to clean the barrier surfaces on both sides following each trip.

2e) Driver to receive replenished cleaning supplies from management upon request.

Driver to minimize interaction with client. Driver to offer client hand sanitizing upon entering the van. The wearing of face masks is not mandatory in the van, however if the client wishes to wear one, they will have to supply their own mask. Since the driver will be on the other side of the barrier, it will be up to the driver whether they wish to wear a mask or not. (face shields are an acceptable option).

Driver to take payment via POS machine if possible, imprint machine if client pays by credit card or debit card (if the POS machine cannot receive a signal), cash or cheque. Driver to sanitize the POS machine, the imprint machine, or the cash following each transaction.

3: Driver’s duties outside of vehicle:

3a) Driver to maintain social distancing while waiting to pick up client(s) from airports, ferries, or other transportation links. Driver to wash hands frequently as required. Driver to minimize time spent in reception areas where there are a lot of people. Driver to wash hands following visits to washrooms, restaurants, etc.